Foto: Vilson Jochem.

Un trabajo del equipo Tane tanae: measles is back. May God protect us

Priest Vilson Jochem has lived with the indigenous people of Delta Amacuro since 2005. There, he tries to help the inhabitants of those caños [branches of the Orinoco river delta] to weather the harsh conditions in which they survive, which have been made worse by an almost total lack of supplies and medicines. And now he is seeing another threat loom over them, and there is nothing that he can do to avert it: the reemergence of measles, a disease that had been eradicated from the region since 1980.

For priest Vilson Jochem, it was as if the Apocalypse was about to unravel.

That morning of March, the cries of a woman could be heard in the port of Nabasanuka.  Everyone started looking out from their wooden houses. Hardly anyone could see what was happening in the vicinity of the ambulatory, blinded by the fog of the season and the smoke from the outdoor fires that the Warao light to prepare sancochos [a traditional soup or stew] made with morocoto fish and taro as soon as the day breaks.

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