Helipuerto de Chaguaramas.

«Trinidad has Venezuelans in a concentration camp in Chaguaramas»

Foto: helipuerto de Chaguaramas, Trinidad y Tobago / tomada de internet, sin autoría especificada.

Relatives of several Venezuelans who are detained at the heliport in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago, denounce that the island’s government has created something similar to a concentration camp where human conditions are not adequate for those detained.

Several creoles are at the Chaguaramas heliport after being arrested for illegally entering that country. However, the alleged abnormalities after being judged by the Courts do not correspond to the process that the immigration office must carry out.

According to the version of the relatives, several Venezuelans have already paid a sentence, as the court that carries out the legal process would have already ruled. But others have been waiting for a decision from the Court for six months. They also explain that, the people who have already gone to court to pay a sentence, wait for a document that immigration must grant. Meanwhile, in either case, the conditions of stay are not humane.

Relatives of Venezuelans detained at the Chaguaramas heliport claim that the government of Trinidad and Tobago has deliberately extended their stay, while the creoles suffer. They urge the corresponding authorities to review the legal status of each Venezuelan and proceed in accordance with what is dictated by the law of that country.

«Actually there are Venezuelans who have up to six months waiting for a trial, others have already gone to trial, but now they wait for immigration to process a document to finally be free or deported. Several of the detainees have managed to process asylums or documentation as refugees, however, they remain in detention».

According to the relatives of these Venezuelans, the people are crowded, eating badly, sick and under questioned realities similar to those of a concentration camp.

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