“The Trinidad and Tobago coast guard attacked us”

Foto: imagen de referencia tomada de internet, sin autoría especificada. 

The crews of two vessels from the state of Delta Amacuro, Venezuela, were violently approached by officials from the Trinidad and Tobago coast guard. This event occurred on Monday morning, the captain of one of the boats denounced.

The ships «Dantoca III» and «Dios y la Virgen» were moving through a place whose coordinates were, N 10 ° 10 ″ 555 W 062 ° 00 ″ 925, on Monday at 7:45 in the morning, when a motorboat of the Trinidad and Tobago coast guard intercepted them. Both ships were destined to arrive in San Fernando in search of food and medicine, the packages that Venezuelans who are on the island usually send to their relatives in Venezuela.

According to the version of the captain of one of the ships, officials from Trinidad violently approached them. “The crew members were pointed with weapons and even tried to cut off the arm of one of them. The government of Trinidad is called to warn that these boats travel with all their documents in order and with a prior notification of arrival, ”explained the captain.

«They took our cell phones and took out the batteries and meanwhile they beat us savagely on the deck. We are fine, although very beaten.»


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