The first Trinidadians who arrived in Tucupita fleeing hunger

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the main destinations for Venezuelans escaping the crisis. The island is now full of Creoles who once received Trinidadians who fled from hunger.

Juan José Jaramillo, professor and chronicler from Delta Amacuro, Venezuela, recalled the time when the first Trinidadians arrived escaping the misery that the neighboring island was going through. They were welcomed in Tucupita, they brought with them their gastronomy, their culture and even formed families.

Jaramillo related that the “English”, as the Guyanese and Trinidadians are called in Venezuela, arrived from Trinidad and Tobago in 1920. The first received shelter in the Virgen del Valle parish, north of Tucupita.

“They arrived in Tucupita and settled between the Cocuina river and La Horqueta. All that stretch were the English estates, ”said Professor Juan José Jaramillo.


The Trinidadians dedicated themselves to agriculture with the lands they had, but in addition to that, they arrived with their customs and some foods that were not known in the Delta.

“The English brought the domplina and the curry. These foods were not known here, but they also brought carnival and other customs that we learned from them ”.

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