Roberto Escobar and Yorman Cruz, Venezuelans who challenge Trinidad and Tobago Futsal

Mafas Ven FC is a Futsal team from Trinidad and Tobago made up of players from the island and also Venezuelans. Among them are several young people from Delta Amacuro state.

Yorman Cruz is one of them. He is from Anzoátegui state and has been in Trinidad and Tobago for five years. Three years ago he managed to contact some Venezuelans who were trying to form an indoor soccer team.

With his experience in this sport, Cruz contacted Professor Moisés Pérez, president of the Mafas Ven sports club. He gave her that opportunity.

“The efforts have paid off. I’m seeing new opportunities, ”Yorman Cruz said during an interview for

The player has been part of different clubs in the Anzoátegui state, it is for this reason that he feels proud to be able to challenge the island’s futsal. He explains that Trinidadian players possess endurance and strength, but that Venezuelans fight them with tactics and strategies.

Yorman Cruz plans to participate in the first futsal league, which Venezuelans themselves are promoting. The presence of the Creoles is changing the reality of this sporting discipline.

Trinidad and Tobago island has only one sports gym, where the national team trains. Mafas Ven practices on Sundays at eight o’clock in the morning on the field of the Siparia sports center, or in other places.

“It is quite difficult, because sometimes we have to be in the sun, the court is rustic. Sometimes we train on the road, «said Yorman Cruz.

Roberto Escobar, is another of the players who is on the Mafas FC squad. He was born in Delta Amacuro, but said he has close ties to Colombia.

Escobar explained that what he seeks is to contribute his grain of sand to this project, which emerged and continues to make its way in Trinidad.

The player specializes in the position of libero, although in Mafas Ven he plays as a forward, due to his speed and technique.

«In the team we are a united family, we always have been,» said Roberto Escobar.

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