Lack of work for illegal Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago worsens

Luis Manuel, an illegal Venezuelan in Trinidad and Tobago, claimed to be desperate to return to Venezuela because he was fired from his job. So far he has not managed to have a new job vacancy. His stay on the island has become more complicated with the passing of the days.

Trinidad and Tobago is no longer a place for illegal Venezuelans. Business owners don’t hire migrants to avoid problems with the government. The island is too small to pay for what Venezuela gave to thousands of Trinidadians, who now have relatives in states like Sucre and Delta Amacuro.

Luis Manuel is from Tucupita. He was planting tomatoes, onions, and other agricultural products. But the Trinidadian who hired him fired him because a brush cutter was damaged in his hands.

Luis is 33 years old. He was fired on April 13. The next day he went out to find a new job, but he couldn’t find it. So far he is one of several Venezuelans who do not have a job.

Competition is a factor that must be considered, because like Luis Manuel, other Creoles are looking for jobs. Being an illegal Venezuelan is a disadvantage.

«This is difficult, I have not been able to find another job. I am desperate, I want to go to Tucupita,» said Luis.

For now, a relative is helping him survive in Trinidad and Tobago. However, he is still looking for work, a search that has not turned out to be easy.

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