«Government of Trinidad and Tobago persecutes human rights defenders of Venezuelans»

Foto: tomada de internet sin autoría especificada.

Karla Henriquez, an international human rights defender, denounced that the government of Trinidad and Tobago persecutes defense lawyers and human rights activists of Venezuelans.

Henriquez states that citizen Yesenia González «is being attacked» for defending the human rights of Venezuelans, in which the government of Trinidad and Tobago has incurred, insists the defender.

González would have had an «impasse» with Stuart Young, Minister of National Security, because he would have publicly defamed her. Following the official’s statements, the activist sent two action protocol letters, without receiving an official response.

Yesenia González is now indicted on human trafficking charges and other claims that Henriquez claims are false.

«We cannot allow the government of Trinidad and Tobago to arrest leaders who are helping Venezuelan migration, those who are in need of international protection.»

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