Helipuerto de Chaguaramas, Trinidad y Tobago. / Imagen tomada de internet sin autoría especificada.

Government of Trinidad and Tobago does not offer answers to detained Venezuelan migrants

Some 150 Venezuelan migrants detained by the government of Trinidad and Tobago await a response. Those affected do not know if they will be deported or released, they only want one of the two options to be carried out after waiting locked up for more than a year.

Venezuelans detained for illegally entering Trinidad and Tobago await some response from the government on what they will ultimately do with them. Their overcrowded condition is not the most indicated in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, warn the families of these people.

“There are pregnant women, the elderly and children who are waiting to be deported or released. They are having a very bad time,”said the relative of several detained people. He did not identify himself for fear of retaliation.

All Venezuelans are distributed between the Chaguaramas heliport and the ADC prison. In these spaces they go through their worst days like just another criminal. They demand answers. They need to be deported or released in that country.

The demand for an answer occurs as Christmas approaches. They would like to be free in Trinidad and Tobago or Venezuela to hug their families, «as Prime Minister Keith Rowley and immigration officials will surely do,» said one of the relatives of the detained Venezuelans.

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